French tip nail designs ideas

When we are talking about nail designs first that come to our mind are French tip nail designs ideas. These nail arts are popular because many women prefer the classic elegant look of a French manicure.

 French tip nail design
It’s characterized by white tips and translucent pink top coat, and with these designs your nails will have the neutral look that matches most outfits, and it’s appropriate for all occasions. Women often pay a lot of money in manicure salons for nail polish, but with mine, French tip nail designs ideas you’ll be able to polish your nail at home with some popular French nail designs.

Today at market you can find many French tipping kits, and you just need a little motivation, nail tool and nail polish to achieve that perfections. I have some perfect French tip nail designs ideas that would make your nails very attractive and gorgeous. You just need to follow my steps;

French tip nail designs ideas

1. Choose your color- I already mention that French manicure requires mostly white tips and translucent pink coat on the rest of the nails. But when you are designing your own nails, you don’t need to follow that rule; you can use any color that you want. For example, if you want funky design use bright colors like neon pink, blue, green or dark purple. If you want a soft look to try with light blue, lilac and mint green colors.

French tip nail designs
2. Next French tip nail designs are shapes. You must decide what shape you would like for your nails. IF you want traditional French nail tips to paint a rounded line across the nail to mark at the tip. For some dark look use chevron shape for your French tips. You can even use some shape from your imagination. To form a diagonal line across your nail, paint the area above the line with your tip color. Your French tip nail designs will look creative and very pretty.

3. Accessories to make your French tip nail design more attractive. To make your French nail design more attractive you can use various accessories and personalize your look. You can even use nail art pens, which contain nail polish to draw on your French tip nail designs.