Ideas for acrylic nail designs 2013

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Try this simple acrylic nail designs

If you don’t have time for manicure and want some simple nail art designs? Don’t worry I’m here to help you. In this article you have some of the best polish designs ideas and I’m sure that it will give you right inspiration for your own creations. This popular nail design 2013 can be done very easily.

First you polish it with pink color and then with some dotting tool and with toothpick you can create some five white dots in a beautiful circle. Then wait 45 seconds and place it in to the center. Than carefully drag it in to a flower. In to it’s center. For greater ideas visit my article simple nail art designs.

Easy nail designs 2013

Do you want some amazing easy  acrylic nail designs 2013? Well, you’re in the right place. It doesn’t meter if you are using nail art or don’t it is appropriate either way; it depends from person to person. For example, if you like a natural look, you can just paint your nails with clear gloss over them. However, if you want something special such as French manicure, you need two polishes at the minimum.

Ideas for acrylic nail designs 2013

Next decision is to decide if you want some 3D elements or not. You have various accessories for fingernail art such as gems, diamonds, stickers and other decors. Believe me if you want something special  and that people notice you; I would strongly recommend these accessories.  You have different types of nail art, and that I started to write I wouldn’t finish until dawn. Because of that, visit my full article easy nail designs and find some great ideas about it.

Pretty acrylic nail designs 2013

You don’t need to be a Picasso to create unique and attractive fingernail designs. People love to create new acrylic nail designs 2013 because they gettting bored of it or just want to create something new. But some fancy varnish arts require talent and patience to create. However, don’t worry I guarantee that you’ll get great inspiration from my article.

Ideas for acrylic nail designs

You have some ideas that everyone can create, and you only need nail polish and toothpick for it. However, if you want something special, unique and quality nail polishes as Opi brand collections. If you want to know more about this, please visit my article pretty nail designs.

Zebra acrylic nail designs 2013

Animal prints are most trendy in almost all areas such as bedroom’s shoes clothes and everything. Just because of that I don’t see any reason why it can’t be trendy with nail polish art too. Today except acrylic, magnetic and French acrylic nail designs 2013 zebra  are popular and very attractive. It’s very easy for beginners who are interested in nail art and want to learn more about it. You just need some tools to paint zebra stripes.

You can buy it very cheap almost everywhere. When you buy varnish tools then for perfect zebra polishing you just need base coat, white and black nail polish and top coat. More one thing, there is no rule that your zebra print must be in white and black color, you can use another color for zebra print according to your own tastes. Try black stripes on pink or blue nails, it’s also popular. Click to my article for more zebra nail designs 2013.

Crazy nail designs

Women use a lot of different themes to express their nails the best how they can and believe me, they success with it. These nail art designs are not appropriate for women at workplace, but sometimes they can break that rules, otherwise that rules are made to be broken am I right?  You can use various combinations and create everything what you want with your nails, you just need some tools, varnishes and motivation.

There are no limits, for example, if you were in Olympic Games in London, athletes were used attractive fingernail designs of their national flags, which were very cool. You know what I’ mean, women often use crazy acrylic nail designs 2013 for an occasion that comes.  For Halloween and New Year, you have many types of these nail art designs, and people are very creative. If you’re not so creative and don’t know what crazy fingernail design to choose, don’t worry I take care of that.  Just visit my article crazy nail designs, and you’ll find out everything that you need to know about these creations.

French tip nail designs

This article is for all French manicure lovers, and other who want to try this incredible nail art. Many women like this style because it’s classic, and you can define your own unique styles. Believe me, it looks very clean and elegant, and it’s perfect for workplace. With French tip,varnish designs you’ll not any problem at work and in same time you’ll look very pretty and attractive.

Acrylic nail designs 2013

Natural  bed color nail polish with a white tip  and pink one is the most favorite of French manicures. If you don’t try it before truest be you’ll love it since the first time you see it. Besides this I have one little trick for French nail art. If you use just quality brand name lacqueri like Opi, your creations will long left for three weeks. Read more about French tip nail designs 2013.