Popular simple nail art designs

Thanks to new manicure trends you have options to experiment with different simple nail art designs in 2012. These cute nail polishes approves your nail skills and gives your nails a new attractive look.

 Simple nail art design

These popular simple nail art designs furnish us with an infinite number of options to wear out nails polished with amazing shades and decorated with various patterns. Today is everything growing too fast as same as nail polish art. You can find very cool patterns and colors with whom you can make beautiful simple nail art designs.

In my examples above I show you some the best simple nail art designs that you can find today. But I couldn’t do that without my Opi collection of nail polishes. It’s the best collection of nail polishes, and you must try some well-known collection such us, James Bond or Pirates of Caribbean collection. Believe me, it will make your nails to look different and gorgeous.

Simple nail art designs

But except these simple nail art designs you have nail arts that might take some time but believe my when you finish it you’ll get excellent results. You just need motivation and real nail polishes to get results like mine in pictures below. When we say :”I changed my appearance it doesn’t necessarily mean I have a new haircut allways, you can change your nail look with these simple nail art designs and get attention. Your magic recipe is definitly combination of shades and cute interesting patterns provided by Opi. More good simple nail art designs examples you have in video at the bottom of article. Enjoy!

Simple nail art designs tutorials